NDS Managedbuilder 1.1.2 Print
Saturday, 05 April 2008 02:21

It's summer, but I managed it to make an update with some nice new features:


  1. It supports now the EABI gcc compiler which is used by the devkitARM R19. But it still supports the "old" ELF compiler. The plugin tries to recognize the installed compiler and enable/disable the relatedĀ  project type. Make sure that your devkitARM/bin is in the system path! The default toolchain is EABI.
  2. It is compatible with the NDS Managedbuilder 1.1.1, so you do not have to recreate existing projects.
  3. You can switch between the project types EABI and ELF by using a project converter. But this is only working with CDT3.1.0+. With CDT3.0.x it's not working correctly, sorry.
  4. IĀ  added a binary parser "NDSBinaryParser" for the ROM files. This shows the ROM name + code, code size, destination addresses and program counters. Select it in the project properties. I think its helpful ( At least for me ;) ).


How to use all the new features, see this video.

How to use the basic features are in this older video.


Get the plugin using Eclipse-Updater from: http://dev.snipah.com/nds/updater

Get the sources here: http://dev.snipah.com/nds/downloads/managed_builder_1.1.2_src.zip

If you have problems with the plugin or feature requests contact me via email at sniper --at-- thisdomain.