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Tuesday, 08 July 2008 00:11

Bugfix release of the NDS Managedbuilder.


  • Linker Misc Arguments are now editable
  • Handling of the strange DevkitPro EnvVar format "/c/devkitpro" which is a mix of unix and windows style. MinGW style? I don't know .. but it does not work out of Eclipse to resolve the DevkitPro path
  • ScannerInfoCalculator fixed to works now hopefully every timeto descover the compiler include pathes and macros


Please use the update site:

Full Eclipse package are now downloadable:

In case you find problems please mail me.

Launch of my new website PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 23:15

Finally yesterday I moved to a new CMS-System. Cool

The old CMS I used was typo3 but I had never the time to work with it and doing all the template stuff and so on. I looked for a new one and has choosen Joomla! It is very simple to use. I adapted a simple template, yep it is dark! =) But I like it. Also it is simple but functional. I hope you like it too.


NDS Managedbuilder 2.0.0 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 April 2008 02:21
Hello NDS-Homebrew Coders!


After years of silence, I made a major update of the NDS Managedbuilder plugin.

Version 2.0.0!! ^^


First of all it works only with Eclipse 3.4 and CDT5.0.0 (currently in development). You have to download the beta versions or wait until it will be released. I think release date is middle of 2008.

Also you have to recreate old projects, because I was to lazy to write a project converter =) (Yes seriously its not that easy).


Ok what is new:

  1. Works with latest DevkitARM R21 and removed old arm-elf compiler support
  2. Using $DEVKITPRO, $DEVKITARM env-vars to determine the compiler, tools, libs and includes. You don't need to add the devkitARM/bin Folder to the PATH anymore.
  3. Debugger arm-eabi-gdb integrated in the Eclipse Environment (This is very useful!)
  4. Added some templates to make the project creation easier. For example a libnds project template which automatically adds paths and libs.
  5. Works now also with the "Internal Builder" of CDT. The advantage is that no MinGW or Cygwin is required anymore.
  6. added a source plugin


What is still TODO:

  1. I made no tests on Linux or MacOS (should work but I don't know)
  2. Set "Internal Builder" as default


Download the plugin with the Eclipse Updater from:

(Works only with Eclipse 3.4 and CDT 5.0.0!)


For Eclipse-Beta-Versions check:


DevkitPro/libnds downloads and info:


Misc Nintendo DS Homebrew info:





NDS Managedbuilder SVN PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 April 2008 02:21

Using the following link you can get the sources from my subversion server:

NDS Managedbuilder 1.1.2 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 April 2008 02:21

It's summer, but I managed it to make an update with some nice new features:


  1. It supports now the EABI gcc compiler which is used by the devkitARM R19. But it still supports the "old" ELF compiler. The plugin tries to recognize the installed compiler and enable/disable the related  project type. Make sure that your devkitARM/bin is in the system path! The default toolchain is EABI.
  2. It is compatible with the NDS Managedbuilder 1.1.1, so you do not have to recreate existing projects.
  3. You can switch between the project types EABI and ELF by using a project converter. But this is only working with CDT3.1.0+. With CDT3.0.x it's not working correctly, sorry.
  4. I  added a binary parser "NDSBinaryParser" for the ROM files. This shows the ROM name + code, code size, destination addresses and program counters. Select it in the project properties. I think its helpful ( At least for me ;) ).


How to use all the new features, see this video.

How to use the basic features are in this older video.


Get the plugin using Eclipse-Updater from:

Get the sources here:

If you have problems with the plugin or feature requests contact me via email at sniper --at-- thisdomain.

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